Making business

the situation

Tools for
work, built
for people

Google tapped Upshot to drive trial and adoption of Google’s productivity apps for work (now Google Workspace) among smaller-sized businesses most likely to buy these services online. But before we could pitch a solution, our first job was clear: to learn all about life as a small business owner.

the solve

Putting insights
to work

Upshot surveyed small business owners around the globe to understand their tech adoption, usage behaviors, and future intent. The outcome identified two high-potential groups to target, along with universal truths about their mindset. Then we got down to business. We built a campaign that led with the product that people already knew and loved—Gmail—as a gateway to the full suite of productivity tools.

Messaging acknowledged that small business is personal. And that if you go Google, it can become personalized. Testimonial-style videos helped tell real small-business stories, interactive digital ads invited users to test-drive personalization features, and customized landing pages highlighted key benefits to close the deal.

the success

The power of a
personal touch

2.3 MM
videos viewed
> 70 MM
impressions, ~200 engagements per social post
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Lisa Hurst

EVP, Marketing & Strategy