Firing up
the table

the situation

A fresh start
for a Korean

Bibigo, the #1 CPG food brand in Korea, wanted a seat at the modern American table. Not to fit in as just another Asian food offering but to satisfy a craving for connection. Upshot stepped in to make their delicious dumplings synonymous with sharing, at the center of experiences that bring people together.

the solve

Sharing the
soul of Bibigo

Today’s foodies crave cultural integrity, nourished by the dish as well as the story behind it. We needed to dive into Korean heritage and culinary traditions to uncover the heart and soul of the brand—and give consumers a taste of sharing for real.

With the launch of Bibigo’s Mandu dumplings in the U.S. market, we created a whole new brand identity and positioning system to uniquely capture a powerful pairing: the experience of food and the feeling of connection. Then we launched a full-course campaign—TV, digital, social, shopper, the works—to encourage trial of Mandu dumplings and make Bibigo a welcome part of everyday conversation, beyond just the dinner table.

the success

The sizzle of Mandu

increase in sales velocity in key markets vs. Control
YoY increase in website traffic
aided brand awareness
product rating for Walmart shoppers
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Udayan Kolandra

SVP, Planning Director