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The Día de los Muertos holiday continues to gain recognition by other marketers and consumers in the U.S., but it’s misunderstood and inaccurately depicted as merely a Mexican-style Halloween. Victoria cerveza, one of the most traditional Mexican beers, turned to Upshot to create a program that captured the holiday’s true spirit of celebration.

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In celebrating Día de los Muertos, proud Mexican traditionalists stay true to their family’s roots, while biculturals are looking for a way to relate to their Mexican heritage. We needed to liven up the party for everyone—welcoming a younger crowd while honoring the richness of the holiday.

La Catrina held the answer. As one of the strongest and most recognizable symbols in Día de los Muertos history, La Catrina made a statement: celebrating death as a part of life. To bring this duality to life, we told her traditional story with a modern twist.

Upshot partnered with Tavo Montañez, a Mexico-based multimedia artist with a history of bringing to life Día de los Muertos imagery and characters within his work. With his representation of modern-day Catrina, we created a unique, exciting activation to stop consumers dead in their tracks. Through AR packaging and in-store and on-premises displays, the spirit of Día de los Muertos literally sprang to life—giving people an immersive way to connect with Victoria’s deep Mexican roots. The experience not only jump-started engagement but drove sales growth in key channels.

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La Catrina

unique AR engagements
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growth in on-premise sales
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